Delivery Coordinator


22 Sep 2022



16 Oct 2022

Job description:
 A delivery coordinator is responsible for managing the distribution and delivery schedules and ensuring that the items for delivery are thoroughly inspected for quality. Delivery coordinators review customer orders multiple times to prevent distribution delays and possible complaints. They also reach out to the customers for delivery confirmation and list other instructions and adjustments as needed. A delivery coordinator handles the customers' inquiries and concerns, processes replacement orders, and resolve order disputes timely and efficiently. 

Provide support in pick-up and delivery of products according to customer orders
Schedule deliveries and prepare delivery documentations, Plan and coordinate product delivery activities to ensure accurate and timely deliveries to customers like: Observes that the vehicle is detailed, full of fuel, has all requested equipment accessories installed and is in delivery area ready for and Observes all state, local and company safety rules and regulation
Contact customers to confirm delivery date and address and solving problems and respond to delivery related inquiries and concerns from customers.
Track the status of product deliveries and resolve any issues promptly.
Monitor performance standards and targets to provide a consistently high level of service to the business and our customers.