Summer Training - Sales Associate

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27 Oct 2022

Al Hofuf

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02 Nov 2022

NOTE: This Job is for Students only

Summer Training - Sales Associate :

The tasks and goals they should achieve by the end of the training include the following:
1. Greet customers from the beginning and introduce themselves
2. Identify and discover the customer wants and needs
3. Maintain good knowledge of any current promotions, sales, and policies regarding payment
and exchanges
4. Capable of recommending and selecting furniture based on customer needs and desires
5. Able to describe furniture items and know their style, function, and guarantee policies
6. Prepare and close invoices and quotations on the system
7. Confirm date of delivery and maintain a connection with all parties involved in the process of
handling the furniture to the customer's address including the customer himself
8. Confirm and make sure that all items are delivered to the customer
9. Help in the pricing process of merchandise inside the showroom with the guidance of full
time staff