Al Khobar

19 Jan 2023

Al Khobar


Meeting the demand requirements by ordering the correct amount of stock in a timely, efficient, and cost -effective way to assure a healthy inventory levels.


  • Preparing forecasting and meeting the demand requirements of the SKUs.
  • Monitoring and evaluating the brand performance in the showrooms.
  • Classifying the SKUs based on the sales and controlling the stock level in the warehouses.
  • Introducing the promotions and new arrivals through social media the help of E-commerce and Marketing teams.
  • Communicating with merchandising team for new designs and floor plan of the brand.
  • Preparing the brand performance reports and following up with the top management.
  • Estimating the annual purchasing budget of the international brand.
  • Establishing a strong relationship with the suppliers and ensuring smooth and effective workflow with them.  


1- Business related field
2- Advanced in English language
3- Microsoft Office skills