Business Analyst

Al Khobar

07 Sep 2022

Al Khobar


27 Sep 2022

The Business Analyst emerged to have a key role in every business scenarios, by understanding the needs, analyzing the sales, determining the problem, delivering the best solution and documenting the deliverables. It’s helps in guiding the business in improving processes, products, services and software.


  • Sales analysis weekly report.
  • Add or edit the items in the website.
  • Understand the needs.
  • Determine the problems or how to improve the existing business processes.
  • Communicate the supervisor to find out what will achieve.
  • Identify all the steps for the implementation of new features.
  • Design the new features to implement.
  • Analyze the impact of implementing new features.
  • Documenting all the processes and deliver it to the supervisor.


  •  Worked on E-commerce platforms like Shopify, wordpress, salla, or zid.
  •  Have at least the basic knowledge in Excel.