HR Admin (Tamheer Program)

Al Khoabr

25 Jul 2021

Al Khoabr


08 Aug 2021

The HR administrator role has less to do with human service and has more to do with administration. It almost certainly involves the administration of company policies, evaluating employee relations, data management, directly responsible for employee life cycle, and human resources management, along with HR manager. 


  • Help HR manager in daily tasks, process new hires, manage HR data.
  • Ensure the HR Database accurately reflects current staff conditions and details, This includes inputting starters and leaver.
  • Review, revise, and update company policies.
  • Acting as the first point of contact for all personnel queries, entering new hire data, and updating any previous employees; data
  • Ensure resignation letters are received for employees intend to leave.
  • Follow up for the clearance certificate and ensure final settlement is done within standard aged timeline.
  • Create regular presentations and reports on HR metrics, such as turnover rates, and more. And provide HR reports as required.
  • Track the attendance and leaves database of all staff day wisein provided excel format.
  • Provide this on monthly basis to the payroll department with up-to-date information on all employees, including sick leaves, leaves, of absence, overtime hour, work schedules, and more. And maintaining internal records.
  • Provide guidance on employee behavior and conflict resolutions.
  • Reporting employees attendance Quarterly and annually.