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Al Khobar Summer Jobs

02 May 2021

Al Khobar

Summer Jobs


2021 برنامج التدريب الصيفي
عن البرنامج |
.هو برنامج تدريب على رأس العمل مخصص للطلبة في فترة الإجازة الصيفية، يستهدف الطلبة الملتحقين بالجامعات والكليات من مختلف التخصصات الجامعية
الهدف من البرنامج |
.تدريب الطلبة وإكسابهم المهارات والخبرات العملية التي تؤهلهم لدخول سوق العمل
التخصص المطلوب |
إدارة مالية / المحاسبة

Revenue & Accounts Receivable:

1.      Review daily sales reports of each retail channel

2.      Remove discrepancies by checking each sales order

3.      Review daily payment reports and cross match with bank statements

4.      Post customer payments

5.      Updates receivables by totaling unpaid invoices.

6.      Maintains records by filling the necessary documents.

7.      Resolve customers’ queries relating to sales transactions

8.      Help cashiers and sales staff in resolving customer issues and concerns

9.      Protects organization's value by keeping information confidential.

Accounts Payable:

10.  Receives vendor invoices, reimbursement bills and expenses report

11.  Records all vendor invoices and reimbursement bills in ERP system

12.  Charges expenses to accounts and cost centers by analyzing invoice/expense reports; recording entries.

13.  Completes payments and controls expenses by receiving, processing, verifying, and reconciling invoices.

14.  Keeps track of all payments and expenditures, purchase orders, invoices, statements, etc.

15.  Reconcile vendor statements and expense reports by verifying entries and comparing system reports to balances

16.  Maintains historical records by filing documents.

17.  Disburses petty cash by recording entry and verifying documentation.

18.  Paying employees by verifying expense reports and bills. Also, process advance cash requests

19.  Paying vendors by scheduling and ensuring payment is received for outstanding credit;

20.  Responding to all vendor enquiries regarding finance

21.  Ensures credit is received for outstanding memos.

22.  Protects organization’s value by keeping information confidential.