Graphics designer

Al Khobar

04 Sep 2022

Al Khobar


We're seeking for motion graphic designer to help create

animated 2- or 3-dimensional images. Work is produced for media, such as the
Internet. Mediums include broadcast titles, commercial and Web ads, and content
for mobile devices.

Also use video and photography equipment to capture images or
audio devices for multimedia projects. They identify the best techniques and
methods to communicate material.

Motion graphics designers are responsible for the creative
process at different stages. Conceptualization, story boarding, animating, and
editing are just a few of the phases involved. Other duties may include key
framing and typography.

Job Responsibilities:

  • Conceptualization and Story boarding
  •  Animating /creating motion graphics
  •  Editing videos

 Sound editing Design and draw the graphic elements, such as; typography shapes, and colors.


  •  Bachelors in Graphic Designing or certifications in Illustrator, After Effect etc.
  •  Highly creative and versatile with conceptual clarity.
  •   Knowledge about the latest trends in the market pertaining to the field of designing.
  •   Hands-on experience about video editing tools and film/animation software’s like After Effect, Premiere pro, final cut, or other editing software’s.
  •  Ability to work under pressure and meet the deadlines.