Delivery coordinator


07 Jun 2021



27 Jun 2021


1.    -Provide support in pick-up and delivery of products according to customer orders.

2.    -Plan and coordinate product delivery activities to ensure accurate and timely deliveries to customers.

3.    -Obtain customer orders for product deliveries including product style, color, delivery date, address, and phone number

4.    -Contact customers to confirm delivery date and address.

5.    -Respond to delivery related inquiries and concerns from customers.

6.    -Make last-minute order adjustments as requested by customers

7.    -Notify customers about any delivery delays in advance.

8.    -Schedule deliveries and prepare delivery documentations

9.    -Process driver payrolls and review driver paperwork for shipments.

10.  -Work in compliance with federal and state regulations.

11.  -Provide outstanding services and ensure customer satisfaction.

12.  -Handle and transport hazardous products safely

13.  -Track the status of product deliveries and resolve any issues promptly.

14.  -Ensure that products are properly packed, stored and transported to avoid any accidents and damages.