Delivery Manager

Al Khoabr

16 Jul 2020

Al Khoabr


Delivery manager coordinates delivery team members, routes, and budgets to facilitate large shipments of products, materials, and goods. Delivery Manager must oversee every aspect of the delivery process and the entire shipping department.

*Delivery managers ensure that deliveries are made within strict deadlines so that shipments arrive at their destinations on time.

*Delivery managers recruit, hire, train, and supervise delivery team members. This includes firing team members who are not fulfilling their duties.

*Delivery manager monitor and maintain the operational budget for the delivery department. This includes writing weekly and monthly reports for the general manager.

*create cost-effective distribution plans and efficient routes for deliveries using mapping software and other software programs.

* shipping orders must be filled and ready for delivery by certifying that there is enough inventory in stock to fulfill orders.

*Address customer and colleagues complaints regarding Delivery department.