Demand Planner / Buyer

Al Khobar

03 Oct 2020

Al Khobar


Full Time


5 years

Job Description: 

  • Develop demand forecasts (operational forecasts) at multiple levels of aggregation for multiple time horizons as part of a demand planning function.
  • Review historical sales trends, research demand drivers, prepare forecast data, develop statistical forecast models, and evaluate forecast results.
  • Interact with sales, marketing, and customer finance to understand demand forecast drivers.
  • Use and maintain the Demand Planning software as the primary forecasting system tool.
  • Provide input to the Supply Planning organization in developing inventory strategies on existing items, new products, and product phase-outs.
  • Closely coordinate and communicate customer action plans with supply planning
  • Create statistical forecasts: - Gather, analyze and validate data - Execute statistical modeling software - Review resulting statistical forecast model - Apply error analysis techniques to improve forecasting - Summarize/aggregate statistical forecasts
  • Review sales plans , customer finance Budget Updates or Latest Estimates and demand drivers: - Present, solicit, and assess feedback on the various forecasts from sales, and finance - Recommend adjustments for operational forecasts - Review promotional plans with sales